We support and encourage NICET certification

Training Class/Program Development

Training – I am currently under contract for the co-development of specific materials and methods of training for NICET level 1-2-3 Engineering Technicians in Water-Based Systems Layout and not available for work that would conflict with that assignment. However, please feel free to call, text or email to discuss your specific in-house training needs. (All training is available for on-line and/or on-site delivery.)

Available Classes

Hydraulic Calculations for Fire Sprinkler Systems Part One – Basics (NOTE! This course has been APPROVED for eight (8) FIRE CORE Contact Hours for Code Inspector Re-Certification by the State of Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance Division of Fire Prevention, Course # 1910, and also qualifies for NICET CPDs.)

Learn the basics of hand-calcs using the H&W formula for friction loss in pipe This class is under final development and live on-site classes will be available in January 2019. Call, text or email to discuss.

Slides and Presentation Illustrations

Original, custom Illustration, Research and Content Development for your upcoming Fire Protection Presentations, Slides and Publications available in digital format.

Contract Design Services

Fire Sprinkler System Design, Hydraulic Calculations, Coordination, Stock-listing, and/or Plan Review for Economics, Code Compliance, Fit and Finish.

Call, text or email to discuss your needs and/or ideas.

Custom Placards – Hydraulic Data & Owner Info.

This product is currently in final development and not available at this time…

NOTE: On-site Design and Training Services are only available on a contract basis, not to exceed a six (6) month commitment.