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ABOUT – Two “Fire Sprinkler Guys” went trail biking in 1996 (LOL). They stopped for breakfast, or lunch, during most every “grueling” ride and talked about fire sprinklers, computers and the internet…

One of the guy’s (Benny) wanted to learn all there was to know about computers and operating systems, the other (me) was satisfied with his career in fire sprinklers and had quite an imagination. Eventually they agreed to build a website that was specifically tailored to the fire sprinkler industry… but it was not a priority… and time marched on.

A long story short, Benny left the fire sprinkler business and became the owner-operator of his own computer company. Then suddenly, after a short illness in 2017, Benny passed away. Me, well Fire Sprinklers were already in my blood, and I’ve stayed with the industry through thick and thin since graduating high school. Although I did officially retire from Wiginton Fire Systems (Orlando, FL) in 2018, I’ve still been working a design consultant in the industry. (See below).

So… Benny and I worked together on “” off-and-on for nearly 20 years. We used it, to mainly experiment with site development, coding and web-design in our spare time and the site itself has been registered since 2003. I got this far in the last year or so, but still haven’t found time to complete the build quite yet.

Maybe I’ll get back to it in a year or two… because I just got the opportunity to join the Viking Group as a Digital Solutions Specialist, “full-time” and it sounds like it will not only keep me busy, but also be an awesome adventure!

Benny used to say that “Life is like a journey, so enjoy the ride!” I believe he did that… and Me, well I’m loving it. Still pedaling away and so far, so good!

Tom Terry, Senior Engineering Technician

Certified by NICET 1981-2026 at Level IV in “Water-Based Systems Layout”. Over 50 years in the Fire Sprinkler Industry to date. Design, Sales, Training, Mentoring, Management, Course and Content Development, Ohio, Florida, Tennessee and now back in Ohio. Grinnell/TYCO, Viking, American Automatic, Grunau, Wayne Automatic FS, Wiginton FS/FPE, MJ Wood, URS/AECOM, Fire Tech Productions, Quick Response FP, the Firetalker companies and currently a Digital Solution Specialist with the Viking Group, Inc. Feel free to drop me a line and tell me your story, or, just enjoy the ride…

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